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Amber, the 1st colour used within Strobia:

As it is a warm and radiant colour, amber is associated with energy. Its vibrance can promote feelings of happiness and inspire boldness. In colour psychology, amber is thought to symbolise and promote vitality, confidence and safety.

Throughout history, the tree resin amber has been associated with magic and spirituality – themes which may be linked with the colour amber, too. In ancient Greek and Roman times, women wore amber figurines to ensure fertility, while other early cultures believed the souls of animals became amber after their death. Because tree resin often contains the preserved remains of bugs, amber can also be associated with the natural world.

Other associations might come from amber’s similarity to other shades. Because it is close in appearance to yellow, the hue can also be linked to sunshine. Its similarity to the colour of gold means it might also be associated with wealth.

Evergreen, the 2nd colour

As a sturdy and trustworthy colour, remaining true to form all year round, without much falter – the perfect compliment and vibrant contrast to amber

Grey, the 3rd colour used

This is neutral and in-line with silver, allowing versatility and reachability to all aspects of people and purpose.

The DNA motif Icon

There are meanings here of Creative DNA that runs through my family, combined with the amber colour and neutral Grey gives a balance to both creativity and corporate solidarity – skillfully organising the colours too, you can see the ‘S’ subtly pronounced.

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