Creative Consultant

Trained to consult, experienced to deliver. Everything starts with a consultation. I look forward to engaging with you to understand who you are, where you need to get to, and how to get there.

Trend Research

Using various methods of research to understand individual markets and focussing on key trends to drive your brand and designs forward to the future.

Marketing & Account Management

Trained in corporate sales, business development and marketing, you're in good hands to talk with me to deliver your project – professionally.

Brand Strategy
& Identity Crisis

Consider what your logo and identity speaks about you. We're here to support your journey and bring everything together. If you are struggling with your Identity, let us help you realise your vision and deliver your dreams.

Graphic Design

Originally established in 1998, I've undertaken a broad range of creative projects, working both for myself, collaborating with other creative professionals and within companies both in-house and full-time.

Art Direction

Image-sourcing, capture, artwork creation, illustration and adaptation.


Creating 2D shapes and transforming into 3D visuals. Innovating and prototyping. Outputting to sampling through to full-production.

Product Design & Development

Researching trends, identifying markets and creating new product solutions. Developing existing products, adapting to market change to enhance and optimise.

3D Design & Visualisation

Conceptualising designs with products and specs within interiors, spatial and exteriors.


Experienced in product photography, managing and shooting single items through to large ranges. Available to shoot in-house, in-store or in-studio.
Portrait photography, shooting individuals within their setting of comfort, place of work or within professional studio environment.

& Editing

Story-boarding, shooting and directing.
Creating videos from industrial through to music videos.


With nearly 25 years professional print experience, expert in managing your expectations in getting the perfect result – sizes from business cards to large-scale exhibitions.

Web Design

Single and multi-page websites with additional business email.

Social Media

Static single posts through to campaigns. Animated logo-stingers, opening introductions for company overviews and case studies.


Place your logo and brand upon a myriad of wonderful gift ideas to align your message with your audience.

Fine Art

Commissioned hand-painted abstract acrylic on canvas.
Marker, pen and pencil on premium marker pad paper.

Coaching & Mentoring

I work with select clients to nurture their creative development, give on-project tuition, coaching with direction, mentoring to inspire and progress.