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Strive for Progress Not Perfection
Strive for Progress Not Perfection
Strive for Progress
Not Perfection

This week, I’ve undertaken the adventurous step in doing the PopUpBusiness School, Hampshire.

It’s impacted me that much, I’m compelled to write a blog about it!

Although this wasn’t the first business course I’ve been on this year, it’s certainly given me the most traction, insight and zest for pioneering forwards with my business development.

I met between 100-200 genuine guests from across the county, and have made what I genuinely believe are an authentic bunch, who’ve grounded me and helped me to search & find the authenticity within myself – a quality unexpected to discover, one that was born out of the steps taken on the course and the questions/comments I voiced and the responses & feedback given.

I’m also writing this blog post as a fruit of the course, exploring and putting into action the drive in order to progress & develop Strobia business, social media, networking and so on.

If anyone gets the chance, or signs up to the PopUp Business School, I can’t recommend it enough. The humour, community, sharing and course material is so straight forward and obvious – it’s almost illegal, I mean, it’s the real deal in terms of what’s going on in today’s business world and how it operates, testing out new business ideas, getting them first to market, and taking out ALL the stops of what prevents us from pressing that GO button.

So here’s to all the team from PopUp, and hears to all the wonderfully special folks on the course I shared the week with – you are all gems, and have made my 2020 year ending on an all-time high!

PopUp Business School have got great links and support content too, the after sales if you like – but here you go folks:



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