PopUp Business School: Review

Strive for Progress Not Perfection

This week, I’ve undertaken the adventurous step in doing the PopUpBusiness School, Hampshire. It’s impacted me that much, I’m compelled to write a blog about it! https://www.popupbusinessschool.co.uk Although this wasn’t the first business course I’ve been on this year, it’s certainly given me the most traction, insight and zest for pioneering forwards with my business […]

Autumnal New Growth

Seasonal changes and firmly planted in my studio space omits positivity, optimism, energy, security, charge, direction and peace

Back in the groove

Painting: Marker, Color, Paper on Paper. Following a seven year period of non-expressing emotion, after modifying my studio space, I set up another desk and brought back my beloved colour pens – adding a few into the mix too from my travels. This piece is a new start back into my style of communication, working with colour […]

Strobia Name Numerology

Numerology (Expression Number) 3 Heart’s Desire number 7 Personality Number 5 Talent analysis of Strobia by expression number 3 “You are optimistic, inspiring, outgoing, and expressive. People see you as cheerful, positive and charming; your personality has a certain bounce and verve that so powerfully affects others that you can inspire people without effort. All of this […]

New Milton Covid Support

New Milton Covid-19 Community Support – Designed with Love by Strobia Following a FB group that opened to support our area of New Milton, Hampshire, New Forest. They asked for a logo and website to be produced for the community. I replied with my intentions, however the first submission by another volunteer had a logo […]

Photography winner – Twenty 20

top 20% category: Delighted to have won top 20% in the Twenty20 Competition for Best New Photographer, came 50th place out of 375 entries. https://www.twenty20.com/photos/5fead3c3-7436-4568-b0a9-dd7e6541c14c

Who am I?

I’m Louis, started out in my professional design career over 20 years ago – being commissioned to create a flyer back in 1998. Since then I’ve undertaken a vast cross-section of work to include 2D graphics, 3D visualisation, photography, performing arts and more. My mission is to work with you, to creatively produce your vision, […]

Strobia – brand UI explained

Amber, the 1st colour used within Strobia: As it is a warm and radiant colour, amber is associated with energy. Its vibrance can promote feelings of happiness and inspire boldness. In colour psychology, amber is thought to symbolise and promote vitality, confidence and safety. Throughout history, the tree resin amber has been associated with magic […]