Pioneering Creative Professional since 1998

Hyperspeed Industries, Spline Design and Strobia

Innovating since my teeny years, I've been awarded with a few accolades along the way. I love life, I have many hobbies, sports, interests – but I'm most focussed when I bring all these things into creative design & artistic expression whatever the medium – this includes dance & freestyle performance.


Creative Talent

Specialising in 3D Design & Visualisation, 2D Graphics, Photo, Video, Animation, Audio

Thats right! I love it all, many times it's exhausting trying to be on top of all these areas of passion. I know my limits, and link up with others to get things done when needed.

My style is creative, techno-centric, corporate, professional.

I'm trained & experienced with account-management, sales & business development, marketing and of course creative design.

Every good project starts with a good solid consultation.

Collaboration is the Key

working 1-2-1 is great, I love building trusted relationships with my wonderful clients.

In the creative industry, things move fast, technologies evolve rapidly – staying on top and ahead takes a constant effort to be there.

Working & partnering with other specialists is the formula to learn & develop, to share & resource all the vital elements to achieve the vision.

My Values

Family, Relationships, Trust, Loyalty, Honesty – all things dear to my heart and eternally being worked on…


'Say what you mean' and 'mean what you say'


Transparency is the key


Variety is the spice of life


'Innovation drives the business' – quote E.M.


Every journey starts with a single step – To infinity and beyond


Every day is a school day

Louis’ work is excellent … reliable, trustworthy and he knows what he is doing when it comes to photography

— Clive Cable

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